Billinghay Millenium Mosaic
                                   Billinghay Millenium Mosaic

Billinghay and District Twinning Association (BDTA), formerly known as just Billinghay Twinning Association, was formed in 1986 as an extension of an already successful exchange scheme with The Lafford High School and Ballon Secondary School.

Today, the Assocation has passed its 30th Anniversary. Having grown over the years, it now boasts in excess of 60 regular members.

Visits are annual, with alternate trips to Ballon and Billinghay.  Originally this was made possible in part thanks to funding we receive from the European Union and the “Europe for Citizens” initiative although in recent years, this have proven difficult to obtain.

The next visit will be to Ballon & St Mars sous Ballon in May 2018 and full details of this will appear on the website in due course.

You can find out more about Ballon & St Mars sous Ballon, our twin village(s), by clicking on the link “Ballon, Our Twin” on the right of this screen.

If you need the contact details of any committee member, or if you wish to contact us, visit the Contacts section of the website.